Nutrition Expertise

Back to School: The Perfect Time to Enlist a RDN

National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend $83.6 billion on back to school merchandise and the competition among retail chains is fierce. Customers are looking for the perfect combination of selection, convenience, and low prices. At the same time, there is increasing consumer interest in health and wellness. Sixty percent of Americans make dietary decisions based on disease prevention and these decisions drive demand for healthy, nutritious food. Retailers who leverage the health and wellness trend have an opportunity to differentiate themselves, so what is the best way to set yourself apart as a retailer? The answer is easy: enlist a Registered Dietitian (RD).

Back to school is the perfect season to highlight the value of a RD in the retail industry. Who better to provide consumers with healthful back to school promotions? Dietitians offer innovative and creative ideas and promotions that allow retailers to capitalize on the season. As nutrition experts, dietitians drive consumer confidence and add perceived value to retail customers.

The opportunities are endless. Back to school is prime time to promote healthy food items, offer nutrition education programming, and host nutrition-related events. The key to retail success is to capitalize on benefits of particular interest to consumers. Registered Dietitians are a powerful brand asset and their recognition as experts in nutrition add value and drive sales.



Sarah Marjoram