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Dietitians: A Brand Asset for Boutique Fitness Studios

Boutique fitness studios are leading growth in the health club industry. The success of specialty fitness studios like FlywheelCrossfitPure Barre, and Orange Theory Fitness is undeniable.

The boutique model combines the perfect recipe of a great workout, smaller classes, and more personalized attention from trainers. These companies work to position themselves as more than just a gym. They are lifestyle companies complete with high tech studios, high end equipment, mobile device apps, and often times their own retail merchandise.  Their marketing efforts focus on building a strong brand identity and then creating a dedicated tribe to follow it. Enlisting a strong tribe is the key to success.

The tribe, or sense of community, is of greatest appeal to consumers today. The boutique model offers consumers a place to build relationships and socialize around a shared interest, working out. The workout gets them in the door and the drive for connection keeps them coming back. As a boutique studio owner, this is essential to understand. The connection drives membership retention. Retention drives the success of these studios.

How do studios retain their members? To answer this question, we must understand two fundamental things: Who are the members? and What is important to them?

As a RDN, here is what I know about why people join gyms and work out. The biggest motivator for working out is weight loss. I also know that when looking at weight loss and maintenance, there are 2 key players, diet and exercise, and the collaboration between the two is essential to success. Although these lifestyle interventions go hand in hand, diet is responsible for 80% of success in weight loss. You HAVE to eat right to achieve a healthy weight. Working out alone is simply not enough.

What does all of this mean?  Nutrition is important to people that exercise regularly. As a marketing expert, this means that nutrition information is a huge business opportunity. Whether through nutrition centered programming, blog posting, or social media marketing, nutrition education is valuable content for your audience. The opportunities are endless. Who better to have a seat at the marketing table than a nutrition expert?


Sarah Marjoram