Covid-19: Driving the Nutrition Agenda in Food & Beverage

Covid-19 has hit the food and beverage industry hard. The resulting transformation is likely to have lasting consequences as everyone adapts to a (yet to be determined) new normal. Although uncertainty remains as to exactly how Covid-19’s impact will play out, one thing is for sure: a nutrition strategy is now more important than ever. …

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Plant-Based and Vegetarian Aren’t the Same Thing

Plant-based eating is on the rise. #MeatlessMonday and #MeatlessMeals posts frequent your social media feeds. Even Beyoncé is offering up free concert tickets in an effort to raise awareness about plant-based eating. From a Registered Dietitian’s perspective, this is all great news. What’s concerning to me is how the term “plant-based” is being used interchangeably…


Nutrition: The Key to Marketing Healthy Food Products

The food industry has gone through radical changes over the past few years. Consumers’ demand for healthy food is replacing the once popular (and profitable) sugary drinks and snacks.


The Registered Dietitian: A Must Have for Any Food Marketing Strategy

Consumers are more and more conscious of their food choices. So why do grocery store aisles sometimes seem so scary and intimidating? It seems like every product is touting “insert current fad – free” and consumers are confused.


RDN’s: The Secret Ingredient in Today’s Food and Beverage Industry

2019 is an exciting time for food and nutrition. As someone who follows both consumer and food trends closely, we are entering a time when the demand for convenience is FINALLY merging with the demand for healthy options.


7 Marketing Takeaways from FNCE 2018

Another FNCE is in the books. This year, our profession traveled to Washington, D.C., where I joined 11,000 of my colleagues in what could be considered the Super Bowl of dietitians. It is 4 long days jam-packed with education opportunities, networking events, brand exposure, and fun. It’s a whirlwind.


Outsource Content Creation to an Expert

While the old adage for real estate was location, location, location, today’s mantra for marketing communications is content, content, content. It is essential to drawing people to your site, and it also plays a critical role in creating trust with your audience.


Dietitians: A Brand Asset for Boutique Fitness Studios

Boutique fitness studios are leading growth in the health club industry. The success of specialty fitness studios like Flywheel, Crossfit, Pure Barre, and Orange Theory Fitness is undeniable.


Employee Wellness Programs: Are They Worth the Investment?

Corporate wellness programs are big business. Employee wellness programs have grown to a nearly 8 billion dollar industry in the United States. Big Money. But over the past few years, more and more critics are questioning whether they actually work.


Telemedicine: An Opportunity for Everyone

Have you ever heard of the term “Wellthy?” It’s the catchy, new term that refers to the mindset of someone who prioritizes maintaining their physical and mental health. The more someone prioritizes wellness, the “wellthier” they are.


Back to School: The Perfect Time to Enlist a RDN

Back to school season is here! Parents are organizing, planning, and—most importantly—shopping as they set the stage for a successful year ahead.


What’s Really for Dinner? The Skinny on Meal Delivery Services.

What’s for dinner?” can be overwhelming and anxiety producing especially for someone short on time, lacking in kitchen skills, or averse to grocery shopping.