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Outsource Content Creation to an Expert

While the old adage for real estate was location, location, location, today’s mantra for marketing communications is content, content, content. It is essential to drawing people to your site, and it also plays a critical role in creating trust with your audience. The problem is that while it’s imperative, content creation is an unending process that can be time-consuming.  

However, there is a valid and superior alternative, outsource content creation. Here are four great reasons to let a Registered Dietitian handle content creation for you.

Save time.

If you’re running your business, time management is key. Administrative tasks, managing employees, and staying on top of your actual work all rise to the top of the priority list. Then, throughout the course of a normal day, a million random things come up that distract you away from your core responsibilities.

Trying to find time to create meaningful content while taking care of all of your obligations as a marketing professional is challenging at best. Instead of producing a steady stream of content, most of what you’re likely to produce is promises to yourself that you’ll get to it tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, you’ll simply repeat the process.

Obtain an experts opinion.

Another advantage of having a Registered Dietitian create content for you is that their pieces will be written by someone who is good at what they do. Well written content written by an expert in their field is much more powerful to the consumer. It’s important that messaging is clear, understandable, and relatable and by enlisting an expert, you can ensure that the information is high-quality.

Track the ROI of content.

When you’re paying per piece for written content, it’s far easier to track the costs of generating content and how much you’re getting in return for each article or post. If you’re paying someone a salary to create content, it’s hard to tell exactly how much each piece costs unless your employee tracks how much time they spend writing each article. Understanding the ROI that you receive for each type of content can allow you to adjust your spending and focus on the types of articles or posts that are effective for your business.

Supplement the content you are already creating.

Since content creation is all about producing a steady stream of relevant content, using an expert in nutrition will only enhance the efforts that you are already making. This also allows you to have a number of people working on several articles at the same time. This affords you the ability to focus on those top priorities while keeping content fresh and your marketing and communications moving forward.


Sarah Marjoram