Nutrition Expertise

The Registered Dietitian: A Must Have for Any Food Marketing Strategy

Consumers are more and more conscious of their food choices. So why do grocery store aisles sometimes seem so scary and intimidating? It seems like every product is touting “insert current fad – free” and consumers are confused. Shoppers are trying to make the healthiest choices but honestly, how can they weed through all of the information? It’s difficult enough to find time to get to the store to begin with. Enter the Registered Dietitian. If you are a food marketer or retailer who is looking to market anything based on nutritional value, you must have a Registered Dietitian as part of your team. There is no other profession that has the expertise and credibility to help brands interpret the overwhelming nutrition information in a way that is understandable and relatable to the consumers. Here are 3 reasons why a Registered Dietitian should be an integral member of your marketing team:


Consumers are hungry for credible guidance on healthy food choices. A Registered Dietitian’s unique skill set serves up the most powerful purchase driver: consumer trust in your brand. And consumers want to work with brands that they respect. The way to grow this respect is through the collaboration with an expert who guarantees clear, evidence-based, relatable nutrition information.

Nutrition Science is always Changing

Scientists are discovering and learning new things every day. Registered Dietitians are skilled with staying up to date on the ever evolving world of nutrition science. As things change, it is important to have an expert who can accurately advise you on any messaging that might need to change to reflect new knowledge. Dietitians are perfectly equipped to guide you through these changes.

Media and Issues Management

When new science threatens the reputation of your product, you need a credible expert to interpret the science, present a counter-point to balance the conversation and defend your product’s role in a healthy diet. A Registered Dietitian can speak on your behalf—whether through traditional or digital media, one-on-one influencer relations or directly with your customers, they are the experts that consumers will trust to provide accurate, evidence-based information.


Sarah Marjoram